Musician Anita Coats

Anita. Singer. Songwriter. Warm tones and circular patterns paint the backdrop for songs that are heartfelt and evocative. Southern California native, Anita Coats uses the ups and downs of life as her songwriting inspiration, making her music undeniably relatable. She has a knack for striking a heart chord in listeners and often gets feedback that multiple audience members have been moved to spontaneous tears, perhaps some unresolved, unrequited love from their past. Her lyrics are king – simple – direct – clever. She had the honor of performing her inspirational spoken word poem “I Must Speak” at TEDx AustinWomen 2013 and continues to uplift people with her words.

Anita has three full-length albums to date titled Anita Coats, High & Low and The Curse & The Gift with an additional 5-song EP to be released in 2019 called Songs from the Cutting Room Floor as well as a collection of rare, live recordings called To the Inside. She is currently working on an EP with producer Andy Sharp from Austin, TX and a second EP with Seth and Brian of BPG Music in Southern California. 

Anita is a true Renaissance woman, with a passion for photography, painting, graphic design, acting, dance, and comedy improv, spiritual psychology, macrobiotics, and laughing – she experientially knows that variety is the spice of life and intends to be a life long learner. She feels most alive when she is on stage conveying story and emotion.